The decision as to when to seek residential care for a loved one is never an easy one, and Coronavirus and the imposed care home lockdowns have inevitably magnified families’ fears. The realisation that someone you care for is no longer able to live safely in their own home means the decision cannot be delayed  however and rather than dwelling on feelings of guilt and fear, now is the time to start considering the many advantages residential care can bring for older people. 

Its important to remember that residential care homes are centres of excellence in elderly care and have the capacity to bring about renewed quality of life for older people.

Well designed residential care homes can tackle isolation and boost independence for older people. 

Care and nursing homes that have been designed and decorated with the needs of older people in mind, including those living with dementia, can provide a much safer and more stimulating environment than that of an individual’s own home.

Accessibility aids (such as lifts to upper storeys, or adapted bathrooms) and specialist decorating techniques (such as strongly contrasting colours to make pathways clearer, or specific task lighting) can make both the building itself and the equipment within it more accessible, and offer new opportunities for social engagement.

Support 24 hours a day as and when needed

The availability of delicious healthy meals, support with personal care, encouragement to exercise safely, and help to manage long term health conditions and medication mean care home residents often enjoy improved health and wellbeing.

Residential care can offer stimulation and enhance wellbeing.

Well organised care homes will provide a whole range of activities, memory aids, and group therapies simply not available to an individual in their own home. Removing the boredom and isolation faced by so many older people living alone, a lively care home environment can provide opportunities for stimulation and engagement to help people enjoy their days and renew their zeal for life.

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Located in a peaceful leafy residential suburb of Keighley, surrounded by beautiful gardens with trees and wildlife and having excellent nursing facilities, Steeton Court Nursing Home is the perfect place for your loved one to receive long term residential care, respite care, or to convalesce after an illness or operation.

by steadmin 

February 25, 2021